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07/02/2008 (19:00 h)


National Hispanic Cultural Center - Bank of America Theatre
1701 4th St SW
87102 Albuquerque Nuevo México

Distrito quinto

film screening

A group of thieves get together after committing a robbery of several millions. While they wait for the chief to share the bounty, each of them remembers a part of his life.


Title: Distrito quinto
Director: Julio Coll
Year made: 1957
Format: DVD
Duration: largometraje - 94 min

Entidades Organizadoras

Instituto Cervantes (Madrid)

Collaborating Organisation

Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de Productores Audiovisuales (EGEDA) (Madrid)

Instituto Cervantes (Albuquerque)

Instituto Cervantes

National Hispanic Cultural Center
1701 4th St. SW
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