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30/10/2008 (19:00 h)


Instituto Cervantes
1701 4th St. SW
87102 Albuquerque New Mexico

Pueblo chico

film screening

In a lonely seaside town, nothing ever seems to change, including the incumbent mayor of 30 years. One day, foreign investors appear touting changes in the name of progress. The mayor vehemently opposes the initiative. The capital cuts off their supplies and communications with the outside, leaving them hungry and alone. They resist. This is the tale of a village that refuses to disappear.  


Title: Pueblo chico
Director: Fernán Rudnik
Year made: 2003
Format: DVD
Duration: largometraje - 65 min

Entidades Organizadoras

Instituto Cervantes (Albuquerque)

Collaborating Organisation

Cine en Construcción. Festival Internacional de Cine de Donostia-San Sebastián

All films are in Spanish with English subtitles. This is a free ticketed event.
Telfono reservas:   724-4771

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