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Autor/es: Lucía Puenzo


27/09/2008 (19:00 h)


South Broadway Cultural Center (Albuquerque)
1025 Broadway SE
87102 Albuquerque New Mexico


film screening

Puenzo’s incredible feature directorial debut is a thought-provoking story of identity centered upon incredibly powerful performances by its young leads. Alex (Inés Efron) and her parents live in isolation on the Uruguayan coast. For 15-year-old Alex, the usual confusion of puberty is compounded by a secret – she’s a hermaphrodite. When a family from Buenos Aires comes to visit, the parents argue over Alex’s sexuality while she and their teenage son Alvaro (Martín Piroyanski) explore their own options. Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival (Critics Week), Best New Director at the 2007 Edinburgh Film Festival, and Goya for Best Foreign Film in Spanish.  In Spanish with English subtitles.  The film will be followed by a discussion led by lead actor, Martín Piroyanski.


Title: XXY
Director: Lucía Puenzo
Year made: 2007
Format: DVD
Duration: largometraje - 94 min


Martín Piroyansky

Entidades Organizadoras

Festival suroeste de cine gay y lésbico (Albuquerque) / Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Albuquerque)

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Instituto Cervantes (Albuquerque)

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