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27/09/2008 (21:45 h)

29/09/2008 (21:30 h)


Winrock Theater
201 Winrock
87110 Albuquerque New Mexico

The Guild Cinema
3405 Central Ave NE
87106 Albuquerque New Mexico


film screening

Ray and Leo are in love. These seemingly happy bears work together, live together and like every couple, get on each other's nerves.  But after their elderly neighbor dies rather mysteriously, their lives are turned upside down when Ray's meddlesome mother Antonia moves into the the now-empty apartment.  Antonia and Leo are quickly at each other's throats, but that is soon the least if their worries as little old lasies all around the Boystown neighborhood are winding up dead in even more mysterious manners.  Little do they know that hunky real estate agent Victor is silently killing off the old broads to buy out their apartments, hoping to sell them to gay couples and the neighborhood into the shiny, new gay ghetto.  In Spanish with English subtitles


Title: Chuecatown
Director: Juan Flahn
Year made: 2007
Format: cine, 35 mm
Duration: largometraje - 99 min

Collaborating Organisation

Instituto Cervantes (Albuquerque)

Showing at The Guild on Sept 27 at 9:45pm and at Windrock on Sept 29 at 9:30p

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