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26/01/2012 (19:00 h)


National Hispanic Cultural Center - Bank of America Theatre
1701 4th St SW
87102 Albuquerque Nuevo México

The Soul of Mexico II: Landscape of Pyramids

film screening

During the Classical period Mesoamerica gave birth to numerous ceremonial sites and cities that, at their peak, created an impressive pyramid landscape.  Cities developed by Teotihuacans, Zapotecs and Mayans became important centers for religion, knowledge, power and commerce. 

Mayans reached the scientific and artistic peak in Mesoamerica.  They created the notion of zero and used their mathematical knowledge in creating a calendar of amazing accuracy.  The artistic genius of Mayans is shown throughout their architecture, sculpture, painting and ceramics, as well as in the urban design of their cities.

Written and directed by Héctor Tajonar and narrated by Carlos Fuentes


The Soul of Mexico. film series


Title: Alma de México II: Paisaje de Pirámides
Director: Héctor Tajonar
Year made: 2000
Format: DVD
Duration: largometraje - 60 min
País producción México

Entidades Organizadoras

Instituto Cervantes (Albuquerque)

Collaborating Organisation

Centro Nacional de Cultura Hispana (Albuquerque). Departamento de Artes Escénicas / National Hispanic Cultural Center (Albuquerque). Department of Performing Arts

Departamento de Historia y Arte del Centro Nacional de Cultura Hispánica / National Hispanic Cultural Center''s History and Literary Arts Department

In Spanish with English subtitles / free admission

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